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What is Wave360?

Welcome to Wave360, THE Social App for Jeep owners! Wave360 was founded in 2021 for the sole purpose of connecting Jeep enthusiasts from all walks of life, on and off the road. Tired of missing that Jeep Wave when you're on the road? Not anymore - Wave360 has that covered. Want to find Jeep related events, Jeep products or just stay in the Jeep circle? Read more to learn about why Wave360 is the best social app for anyone who loves their Jeep as much as we do and stay tuned for more Wave360 features and updates!

Get Ready America

Wave360 is the #1 app for Jeep lovers today. When it comes to functionality, networking, and overall community - nothing comes even close to what Wave360 has to offer the Jeep community. Get ready America, because once you use Wave360, you'll wonder where it's been your whole Jeep-loving life.

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